Push Up Ladder Circuit

untitled (39)If you are looking to improve your upper body strength there aren’t too many exercises that give you more bang for your buck than the push up.  You can do countless variations that will keep you motivated while giving you the training results that you desire.  At FASST Performance, we constantly do various combinations that help our athletes reach peak performance.  This is just one several variations that we use with our guys.

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Footwork Cone Drill Combination

untitled (38)One of my favorite ways to warm up my athletes and get them ready to attack a workout is by utilizing foot ladders.  Whether you are a developing athlete looking to improve your footwork or a battle tested veteran looking to do some advanced footwork drills, you can get the most bang for your buck with the foot ladder.  Here is a quick clip of some footwork drills we combine with cones to challenge our athletes footwork skills as well as their deceleration and acceleration mechanics.

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Battling Ropes Upper Body Warm Up

images (16)Battling Ropes aren’t only a great conditioning tool for the serious athlete but also a great way to get your body warmed up for most upper or lower body workouts.  We incorporate the battling rope into almost every workout either as a conditioning, warm up, or core/stabilization exercise for our athletes.  Checkout the upper body warm up we used the other night with some of our athletes.  This is one of the many variations we utilize during our training.

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Ultimate Competitor

images (15)You can see it in someone’s eyes.  Are they serious or are they going through the motions.  I can learn a lot from someone’s eyes.  Do they have laser beam focus or are they a deer in headlights.  Do they want to be the best or do they want to be part of the crowd.

Competition brings out the best and worst in us.  How does it impact you?  I have the opportunity to work with people everyday and have the luxury to work with some people who I call “ultimate competitors.”  These people display the following characteristics:

  1. Attention to detail- able to pick out the key coaching tips and utilize them immediately to gain an advantage.
  2. Leadership- able to assist those around them and get them prepared for the task at hand.  Able to maximize their teammates abilities for the betterment of the team.
  3. Grittiness- are comfortable with their backs against the wall.  Aren’t concerned about what they don’t have but what they can do to compete.  Not concerned about the outcome but concerned with giving great effort.
  4. Passion- love for the day.  They embrace the challenge at hand regardless of what it is.  Competitiveness is in their blood and they are at their best when the challenge is the greatest.

Are you an “ultimate competitor?”  Do you rally around the challenge or do you fold up like a tent when faced with a challenge?  Do you spend your time complaining or do you find a way to win?  Do you raise the level of play of those around you by giving outstanding effort or do you ease up when the chips are stacked against you?

Best in Performance,

Coach Brader

Break Down or Break Through: You Decide

Image result for failure breakdown or breakthroughIf you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel, consider it an opportunity to create your own opening.  Ask yourself “how can I make a way out of no way?” Develop your own identity and commit. Winners are not born, they practice and learn through time how to prepare themselves to win. When working out and pushing your body it is vital to keep a strong mind and tell yourself you can. People who say they can and people who say they can’t are usually right. Have a strong mind first, then you will have a strong body. Why place limitations on yourself? Make a decision and commit till you become successful. Never choose failure when success is an option.

Best In Performance,

Coach Brader