Wolfgang Connell, University of Chicago

Wolfgang Connell, Wide Receiver and Defensive Back 2008 & 2009 Group III NJ State Champion Phillipsburg High School, All-Express Times DB 2008

“The first time I ever set foot in Coach Brader’s gym was similar to a novice swimmer being caught in shark-infested waters. I stood by a few of the machines and would quietly wait my turn while others quickly stepped in ahead of me. Grown men, not boys, like Dan Persa and Mark Bigelli pushed themselves to the limit and further and all I could do was fade into the background and watch I did not go with a friend to Coach Brader’s gym on my first trip, nor was I sent by one of my coaches, and my father is not a very well connected man. My first trip was instead arranged by Coach Brader himself, who had seen me working out in the Phillipsburg weight room and suggested I stop by. Had it not been for his out going personality, I probably would’ve never set foot in his gym. After day one I set myself on track to become bigger, faster, and stronger. A long, long time ago I was the timid, skinny kid standing in the back. Now, after nearly two years of hard work, I have become one of the men in the FASST gym. The workouts have not only added muscle mass and strength, but also agility and endurance. Over the years my skill set has vastly improved, and my reaction time quickened. But most importantly, my work ethic and desire to push myself have come from the very basis of the FASST family. Coach Brader preaches hard work and intensity, and it shows all over his gym. There is no down time or light days in his gym. To be the best on and off the field you have to be willing to push yourself beyond your own expectations, to fight and claw and scrap to win. The FASST program brought out the very best in me, and with the help of Coach Brader and his staff, it will surely bring out the best in you.”

Dan Persa, All-Big 10 QB, 2011 Heisman Trophy Candidate

Dan Persa, Quarterback Liberty High School and Northwestern University, PA State 4A Player of the Year and Maxwell Club Award Winner

“Thanks coach for pushing me to the limit and helping me reach my full potential.”




Jason Roeder, Head Coach Freedom High School

Jason Roeder, Head Football  Coach Freedom High School (Bethlehem)

“To say I was happy with Jason Brader’s work with our team this summer in an understatement. Jason and his staff were able to make a quick connection with our guys which allowed them to push each player to reach his maximum potential. His passion and energy for speed training was there every day and we are better for it.”

William Appleton (Appleton Sports Management)

Jason Brader and The FASST sports performance facility thoroughly prepared my client (Devin Duggan) for his upcoming combine and private workouts. Devin made tremendous gains while under the training of Mr. Brader, improving his 40 yard dash, short shuttle and broad jump. Not only were his combine testing numbers improved, but Devin’s overall explosiveness, flexibility, and stamina made great gains making him a notable free agent among the professional football leagues. I thank Mr. Brader for his hard work with Devin and recommend his services to any athlete trying to take their game to the next level

Jim Riemenschneider, Parent, CB West Football

“Thanks again for what Cody said was the best one day combine he has been at.
Coach Brown brought some great footwork drills and from what I saw had a great mind
for the QB position.  I will sign him up for your Monday class starting April 18th to work with him again.”

Phil MasonParent of Wilson High School Athlete

“Jason has been providing functional, athletic, speed, and strength training (F.A.S.S.T.) to my 13 year old son since the 1st quarter of 2008. I was referred to Jason by Phil Rohm, a two-time Phillipsburg NJ High School State Champion football coach. My first impression was Jason’s website; professional, informative, and functional. Second was his responsiveness to my online submission. Third was meeting him in person and seeing a high degree of professionalism, sincere interest in helping my son define and achieve his goals, and clearly visible competence and character which helped me to trust him very quickly.

My son made it through the rigorous speed and agility training sessions and loved the discipline, conditioning, structure, and environment of elite athletes. He was ‘invited’ to join the elite camp to further prepare for football season. He passed up baseball season to focus on football and his body, mind and spirit is transforming before my eyes as he trains with high school and college athletes. For the first time, he is anxious for football to start so he can apply what he has learned, the speed, strength, and agility he has developed, and the mindset to be a leader on the field.   I strongly recommend Jason Brader’s F.A.S.S.T. program to any parent that wants their child to train with the best. I am already seeing a return on my investment, which my son will benefit from for the rest of his life. His twin sister is now enrolled in the elite basketball program and is achieving similar results.   October 31, 2008”

John SimonFather of Wyoming Seminary Athlete, President of General Supply

“Jason Brader’s innovative training method has had a positive impact on my son, conditioning him both physically and mentally. There was a clear improvement in my son’s athletic performance and in his academic achievement as Jason helped him become more focused, driven, and determined to succeed. Jason’s efforts yield tangible results both on and off the field.”

Adam WzorekLinebacker Phillipsburg High School

“Coach Brader provides 1st class training to all his athletes and players. Our team strength and endurance has improved and his coaching methods have improved our team chemistry. Coach Brader’s is one of the key ingredients to our successful football program.”

Andre PogueStrong Safety Villanova University

“I worked out with Mr. Brader for 5 years. He played a key role in my success not only in high school football, but at the collegiate level as well. I have seen great improvement working with him throughout the years in my strength, but most importantly in my speed.  I credited my success to Mr. Brader.”

Brandon Mason, All-State Running Back, University of Pittsburgh, 1st team all-state, Express-Times Player of the Year, High School Heisman 1st team RB, Big Ticket Player of the Year, 1,880yds in 10 games, 25 TD’s, Indoor 55m Hurdle State Runner-up

“I’ve been working out with Coach Brader for a few years now and I have seen many different results. I look at him as a speed coach and also a high intensity weight trainer. He has developed many people into fine athletes because of the variety of workouts he develops.”

After training with him for my last few years of high school, my accomplishments have been scholarship material. Now that I’m leaving for school I still plan to train with him throughout my career.”

Brian BarbatoUniversity of New Hampshire Guard

“I am currently coming off of an all-conference season and preparing for the upcoming NFL draft. The weeks ahead are crucial for my future NFL career. I am confident that Jason provides intense and effective workouts that will give me the best chance to accomplish my goals. Since I have worked out with Jason, I have experienced the best gains in my athletic career.”

Chris Royle, Carolina Cobras (225 reps: 23 – 27, 40 time 5.3 – 5.15)

“Jason has helped me maintain my physical condition after several NFL workouts, but his role has since changed to preparing me for the AFL.  “With Jason’s knowledge of human physiology, he was able to design a program that allowed me to make substantial gains in the areas I needed in only a few short weeks. Jason can adapt your routine for quick gains before a competition and for your longtime strength and conditioning goals.

Jason’s training methods and programs speak for themselves, and after you have experienced one of his intense workouts, you’ll never want to go back to simple weightlifting again.”

Dustin Barno, Colorado Crush (Former Free Agent Tennessee Titans and current Colorado Crush Defensive Lineman) -6’3″ 285lbs -36 inch vertical jump -9’7 broad jump -4.89 40yd dash -4.21 Pro-Agility

“When I met Jason, I was recently named the National Strength and Conditioning Association Strength and Conditioning Athlete of the Year. It was not until I trained with Jason that I found the true meaning of athletic conditioning and what it took to impress the scouts.

His ability to motivate and challenge top class athletes is insurmountable. After just a few weeks of training I was in the best condition of my life.”

Frank DuffyLinebacker Shippensburg University and current Rutgers football coach

“Jason’s knowledge of strength and speed training is like no other I have come across. However, his best attribute is his ability to get into an athletes mind and push to his or hers full potential. His motivation is unmatched and his workouts are extreme. His workout regime is continually going to be implemented in my workouts throughout my collegiate career.”

George YassoUniversity of New Hampshire

“Jason Brader’s success has been directly related to amount he puts into his work. His work ethic, charisma, and love for what he does is unmatched by anyone I’ve ever dealt with. He has an ever-increasing desire to improve and learn more. His methods produce results, and I’ve witnessed that first hand.”

Jim Sodano, Chicago Rush, AFL 1

“I have been around professional sports the last two years and have worked with several conditioning coaches but none that have the insight that Jason has. His training is definitely one of the reasons I have made my biggest gains the past few months. I look forward to continuing to work with Jason throughout my professional career.”

John Vetter, Linebacker ESU

“In the past I have worked with other speed and strength specialists but none have been able to increase my overall athleticism like Jason. He is able to understand a football player’s needs and creates drills and exercises that bring out the best in an athlete. I recommend working with Jason if you are a serious athlete who wants to take his game to a whole new level.”

Matt Bernardo, All-American Running Back, Muhlenberg College All-American, All-Time Leading Rusher, Career Leader All-Purpose Yards, and Career Leader in Scoring

“Jason has a tremendous amount of knowledge in the area of strength and conditioning but what makes him an elite coach is his ability to relate to an athlete as a former All-American himself. Not only can he tell you what to do, but he can also do it very well himself.

I have always worked very hard in the off-season both in the weight room and by running track, but I have never had a workout as good as when I work out with Jason. His workouts are definitely second to none. As I train for some professional tryouts, I’ve had great gains in just a very short time. It is unfortunate that I had not trained with Jason all through college because it definitely would have made me a much better athlete.”

Matt Brunetti,  Fullback Towson University

“Jason Brader has provided me with training knowledge like no one else in my years of training. He delivers the specific skills needed to be successful in the sport you play. Jason has given me the edge. I will continue to train with Jason for the rest of my career so he can get me to my potential and beyond.”

Miguel Rivera, Alan Hancock Jr. College DT

“Training with coach Brader has been a fun and great learning experience. Not only is he my coach but he is also my role model on and off the field. He’s taught me to be as serious in the classroom as I am on the field. Coach Brader has taught me a lot more than I could ever imagine. Another reason I look up to coach Brader is because of his personality. He is able to take an athlete who has little experience and talent, and turn them into a champion. It’s because of coach Brader I have more confidence in my work ethic and myself for everything I do.”

Mike McFetridge, Former All-American and All-Time Leading Receiver Millersville University

“Jason Brader’s speed camps gave me the confidence to perform at different professional football tryouts. Also his knowledge of weight training increased my physical strength and put me in the best shape of my life. From when I started training under Jason’s discipline, I lowered my 40 time from a high 4.6 to a high 4.4. I also increased my vertical leap by about 4 inches. I became even better at my position after Jason took me through some football drills. After training with Jason Brader, I knew physically and mentally that I could compete with anyone.”

Joe BriceLinebacker Wyomissing Area High School

“Coach Brader is key to my success in high school football. Without his training I would not have had the endurance to play every play of the football game. He provides intense weight and speed training. Encouraging me to set goals for myself. Coach Brader is a first class trainer and I would encourage anyone who is a serious athlete to train with him.”


Paloma RusselParkland Basketball

“Jason has worked with me to make me a better athlete. His strength and speed training, as well as his positive attitude, have given me an edge over many athletes my age. I plan to begin training with him again in the spring and throughout the summer.”

Gabby Lacherza, Basketball/Volleyball Player Bethlehem Catholic High School

“After I finished my physical therapy for my ACL reconstruction I needed to find a trainer to work on my post rehab. I had gone to the FASST speed and agility camps in the summers and really liked them so I wanted to work with Jason. Jason has helped me get back to where I was athletically before I tore my ACL. He encourages me to keep a positive attitude and challenge myself to keep getting stronger. I am going to continue my training so I can become a better athlete.”


Courtney Levine, All-Centennial Conference Midfielder

“Without a doubt, Jason Brader’s speed and agility programs can help build stronger, quicker, and more explosive athletes. His focus on form and technique trains the body to perform at maximum ability when it comes to game time. Through working with him at soccer camps and watching him interact with students of all ages, I can guarantee his program is first class. As a college athlete I know that speed is extremely important in one’s performance, and with his dedication, high intensity personality, and knowledge of speed and agility, Jason Brader can help raise any athlete to a higher level of performance.”

Scott FreyWashington University Soccer Player

“I have been working with Jason for about two years now, and his training has done wonders. His passion in the weight room and on the track has motivated me to new levels of performance. Since I have been training with Jason my explosiveness and presence on the field have increased dramatically. Jason is committed to improving a person’s OVERALL success. In addition to mentoring me as an athlete, he has encouraged me to complete my schoolwork with the same intensity that I show on the field. I am currently earning Dean’s list marks at a top ten university. I can say that working with Jason has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Mary Guarino, DeSales University Women’s Head Soccer Coach

“Overall, I believe this program was a tremendous help for our girls. I can already see a difference with them during their spring season compared to seasons in the past. This is a program and a coch that I would highly recommend to any coach or athlete.”


Carl Cortezzo, Parent of Athlete

“It was nice to meet you, and the camp was excellent. Both Matt McBride and the
Millersville coach were great with the kids and also very knowledgeable.”

Dan Carle, Parent of a Baseball FASST-lete

“In a conversation with Jason prior to signing my son Tyler up with FASST, I shared with him my disappointment with a different Lehigh Valley Core/Speed trainer and his company.   Specifically how after 3 months we had no measurable results showing any improvements for Ty from when he started.  Knowing my son’s work ethic and commitment to improve his game were not the issue and having background in Physical Education; I felt it was the instruction and concepts being employed.  Respectfully and professionally, Jason chose not to discuss the other trainer, his business or concepts but; Instead Jason stressed confidence in his abilities, explained his methodologies and provided his client testimonials which all support  that he gets results!  Talk about FAST!!!  Forget 3 months. .. how about in less than 3 weeks of  working out at FASST with Jason; he has significantly reduced his 60 yard dash time; Measureable results tell us we are getting what we pay for so we are now signing Ty up for additional months of motivation, muscle building, speed and skills and future FASST measureable results.”

Andy PitsilosHead Baseball Coach Liberty High School

“Jason Brader specializes in tailoring a program to best fit the needs of different sports while still offering the necessary core speed and balance training. The Liberty baseball team had no injuries last season and stole 109 bases. Individually, we had players shave off two tenths of a second off their 60-yard dash time. That is a huge improvement and plays a major role in a sport where every inch matters. I recommend Jason Brader to anyone interested in drastically improving their or their team’s speed, quickness, balance, and power.”

Dylan DandoOwner Lehigh Valley Baseball Academy, Scout for LA Dodgers

“Jason Brader is the best around when it comes to training speed and strength in a baseball player.”  He is able to create programs that work and any serious baseball player looking to gain and edge I would highly recommend Jason and FASST.”

Dean Wagaman, Walnutport 16+U Girls Softball Coach

“I wanted to take a minute and Thank You for all your help with the Northern Lehigh area Girls Softball agility training. What a difference from day one until now. We can see improved flexibility, balance and speed. It is great to see the girls running efficiently. I now view the agility, speed, and strength exercises with the same importance as hitting, throwing, and catching. I look forward to future fine tuning sessions. I truly appreciate your efforts.”

Chuck Kleinhenn, Parent of Youth Baseball Player

“I just wanted to tell you how much Dan enjoyed your program. It was obvious to all involved that you have a terrific ability to “connect” with young people and giving the boys constant feedback is just what they need to stay motivated.  Dan and I feel most fortunate to have been given the opportunity for Dan to participate in your training.  Thank you and we hope you have a healthy and prosperous ’07!”

Renee,  Parent of Youth Baseball Player

“My son is a fanatic over baseball: he eats, breathes and sleeps the game. He came to me, asking what else he could do to get stronger and faster. After researching Jason’s program, we decided to enroll our son in the program and are thrilled about our son’s attitude and skill development. Already the investment is worth every penny and minute of time!”


Kelsi Russel, High School All-American Long Jumper

“My senior year of high school I trained with Coach Brader and was able to achieve my greatest gains in performance. I was state champion in the Long Jump, jumping 19 feet 1/2 inch, a whole 2 feet improvement from the prior year. I feel that with the result of all of my dedication, combined with the training techniques utilized by Coach Brader, I was able to finish 5th at the Adidas High School National Championships in North Carolina. He was able to motivate me and teach me that hard work and dedication does translate into success on and off the track. I don’t think I would have been able to achieve what I did without him.”

Rich Kiley, Phillipsburg High School Head Girl’s Track Coach

“I have been a track and field coach for 12 years and I have trained many outstanding athletes. I have trained a state champion in the 800 and this same athlete broke the West Virginia state record in the same event.

I have had the opportunity to utilize some of Jason’s techniques and training with my athletes and continue to see drastic improvement. Any coach who is serious about results and wants the best for his athletes should incorporate the same training methodology that has enabled my athletes to reach their maximum potential.”

Justin Gaymon, 2005 Penn Relays 400 IM Champion, Former All-American Hurdler, and 2 Time NJ State Champion, 4th Place 2008 US Olympic Trials,  University of Georgia All-American Hurdler/Sprinter

“Jason Brader is an extremely knowledgeable trainer. He has coached me and helped me achieve many awards and accolades in track and field. His knowledge from personal and educational experience makes him one of the best trainers that you could ask for. Jason Brader gets the job done.”


Pat HardinUniversity of Alabama Golfer

“If you want to be the best, you have to work with the best, and when it comes to training, Jason Brader is at the top of the game. While speed, strength, and explosiveness are the basis of F.A.S.S.T., they are not necessarily synonymous with golf. Although, through a unique, sport specific program, Jason has transcended my game into one that exudes all three of F.A.S.S.T’s goals. Simply put; Jason’s workouts burn with the focus and intensity it takes to succeed.”


Steve McGreary, Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota

“I began training with Jason after I broke my leg during my junior year of high school. I was in need of someone to help speed up the recovery process and help get me back on the ice at full stride. Within no time Jason’s training techniques had tremendously increased my quickness, agility and explosiveness. For the past four years, Jason has helped elevate my game to levels I didn’t know possible without the work ethic he has instilled into me and all of the athletes at FASST. Thanks again Jay, still plenty of hard work ahead.”


Brad Bachman, Head Lacrosse Coach Easton HS

“In 2014, our Easton boys lacrosse team had a championship in our grasp but watched it slip away in the last quarter of the game. That team of mostly underclassmen worked diligently the next summer and fall in the weight room and on the field, but still felt like we needed more, like we needed a winning edge. Insert Jason Brader opening FASST in Easton that winter. 

Upon walking into FASST, I was greeted by sports performance professionals. Further, there were next level athletes working all throughout the gym. As a coach, I knew that this was the environment for my team. This was the winning edge for our 2015 season.

Jason Brader made a training program that fit the dynamism of our sport. He was able to challenge our players not only with his knowledge, but also with the quality of athletes that train at his gym. Our high school kids saw guys training that were not only twice their size, but twice as fast. That motivated our guys to get better and absorb what Jason and that environment offered them. We benefited from our experience at FASST, stayed determined to get back to the championship game, and subsequently put a 2015 championship banner in our high school gym.”

Andrew GeisonHead Lacrosse Coach, DeSales University
“Our team worked with Coach Brader throughout the year and we have become a more explosive and athletic group during his time working with them. The best part is that the guys really enjoyed the process and the variety that he used when working with our athletes. They feel the improvement and they want to push themselves to continue to get better, stronger, faster.”

Mike DonnellyHead Football Coach, Muhlenberg College

“Jason got the best out of our guys in the weight room and on the track.”

Chris BissingerHead Lacrosse Coach, Muhlenberg College

“The overall response from our team members was so positive that I wondered why I hadn’t sought out your services before this fall. The sessions were well organized and intense and you definitely have the ability to reach all of the different personalities on our 40 man roster. The exercises were relevant to our sport ad the dynamic nature of the exercises really excited and motivated our athletes to put their hard hats on prior to arriving for a training session. We couldn’t be happier with the program and your involvement, and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

Lou Cella, Head Football Coach Greater Nanticoke Area High School

“Jason Brader’s variety of speed training methods got us much faster in 14 workouts.  Jason Brader’s speed program will undoubtedly be the difference maker in the turnaround of the GNA football program.”

Kim King, Head Strength, Condition Coach, Olympic Sports University of Pittsburgh, National and Professional Bodybuilder-NPC / IFBB National Ranked Power lifter -NPC/IFBB Judge; on Board of Governor Physical Fitness -University of Pittsburgh Alumni 1994 Pittsburgh Athlete Of The Year -Author: “Fitness for Women”

“The speed/conditioning program that Jason provided us with was exceptional! We had more and better results than any other programs we’ve tried in the past. Jason’s combined motivation and knowledge makes him an expert and someone I hope to use again and again in the future.”

Mark Cole, President – Baseball Basics, Goldsboro, North Carolina

“As a Director of Baseball camps and ex-collegiate head baseball coach, I travel around the country where I meet, and work with many quality coaches, instructors, and teachers. One such individual is Jason Brader. His enthusiasm, subject knowledge, and ability to captivate an audience, whether it is an individual player, or a large group of players is remarkable. I highly recommend Jason’s Speed and Conditioning programs for the serious baseball player.”

Ron Hall, Former scout with the S.F. Giants, President, Nationwide Sportscamps.com

“Jason’s knowledge and ability to relate to today’s athlete is something that is unmatched. He attacks each and every session with cutting edge applications to improve and get the most of his participants.

I would highly recommend any athlete that has a chance to spend time with Jason to do so and do so with as much passion and desire as Jason brings to his sessions daily.”

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