Speed and Agility

SPEED & Agility Training

When: Mondays 6-6:45pm and Saturdays 9-9:45am (8 sessions) Classes are year round and have a rolling enrollment

Where: FASST Performance 70 Hilton Street, Easton PA    18042

Who: Athletes from the ages of 8-14Founder and Owner

Cost: 8 sessions= $125

Athletes will learn:

  • Running Mechanics
  • Acceleration and Deceleration Mechanics
  • Footwork & Agility
  • Postural and Core Strength
  • Jumping Mechanics
  • Mental Attributes for Improved Performance

Speed Training works on building the required speed elements for the sport that you play. Our programs teach the athlete the proper running mechanics, force elements, footwork patterns, and agility movements that are needed for peak performance. Whether you’re looking to become our next 24 foot long jumper or the next state football player of the year, our speed training programs can get you closer to your goals of becoming a faster and more explosive athlete.  We will bring all of our expertise to your facility for the required length of time necessary to build your teams speed, agility, and conditioning or you can join one of our programs.


8 thoughts on “Speed and Agility

  1. My daughter is 10 years old she plays softball and is a swimmer, would the speed and agility clinic be appropriate for her? She needs to improve her running technique would the clinic address proper technique?

  2. Hi, I’m looking for a track camp/training program for my daughter who will be attending high school in the fall and hopefully joining the track team. Would the speed and agility clinic be a good fit?

    • Yes, our speed and agility clinic will be a great opportunity for her, we offer several programs that could benefit her. Please stop in for a trial session and evaluation, we offer sport specific training. Call or stop in to set up appointment (484) 357-3158.

      Best In Performance,

      Coach Brader

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