2016 Brader/Persa Elite Offensive Skills Camp

Where: Bethlehem Steelers Complex, Bethlehem PA 1801810166654-large

When: May 28th, 2016

Who: 8th-12th Grades

Cost: Pre Registration – $82.50


-Coverage from Rivals.com, Scout.com, EasternPAFootball.com, and Captain U

-Top flight instruction

-Interviews from top athletes that will be posted on FASSTEliteCamps.com, Rivals.com, and EasternPaFootball.com

-FASST agility demo workout

-Camp T-shirt


-Opportunity to earn a FREE recruiting profile from Captain U

Skills learned:

QB- Stance, Grip, Release, Drops, Precision Passing, Play Action

WR- Stance and Start, Releases, Ball Skills, Precision Route Running, Mental Aspects of Elite Wr. Play

RB- Stance, Ball Handling, Pass Catching, Footwork, Blocking Technique

OL- Stance, Footwork, Run Blocking, Pass Blocking, Hand Placement

Pre Register Here

Mail In Registration

Camp Highlights

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