10 Exercises to Improve Your Explosiveness

We have trained many of the regions top jumpers in track and field as well as helping our NFL guys improve their vertical jumps.  It isn’t by accident that we have coached the top male long jumper and current NFL Wr Devin Street to jump over 24+ feet and Kelsi Russell who was the 2nd female to ever jump over 19 feet in the Lehigh Valley.

Many coaches stress improving leg strength by doing squats and single leg movements.  Although those exercises are important, we like to break down the movement and utilize contrast training.  When implementing a heavy squat, lunge, split squat, or other lower body lift we follow it by an explosive movement.  We have Keiser Pneumatic equipment that is far superior to other equipment when developing athletes.  Traditional weightlifting doesn’t allow the athlete to receive biofeedback and gain reliable feedback regarding power movements unless you have tendo units to measure bar speed.  The Keiser Air Squat and Jumper allows the athlete to move at high speeds while measuring their overall power output.  This is something that we find to be highly effective and allows our athletes to measure every rep for explosiveness and monitor fatigue.  Remember that when training fast twitch muscle contractions you must move at high speeds and limit fatigue.

By utilizing strength exercises that mimic the movements needed to jump we further reinforce proper jump mechanics while increasing explosiveness.  Remember that when you utilize contrast training you need to begin with a heavy external load then immediately drop to a lighter ballistic movement.  Make sure your athletes have mastered each exercise before utilizing these complex movements.  Many times coaches rush to do exercises that are fun and demanding before the athlete has had enough of time to master them.  Checkout the below video and see some of the exercises we utilize with our athletes.


Best in Performance,


Coach Brader

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