Next Man Up

Next-Man-Up-THE-BreakingTI have been involved in athletics my entire life.  During this time I have experienced much adversity both as a player and coach.  Much like the adversity in life, you never know when it will happen but you always need to be ready for it.  Whether it’s an injury to a star player or a change in your role, you must be ready to step up when your number is called.

Many times the focus is on the star players who are getting the headlines.  The players in the fringes are often overlooked until something happens to the stars.  This is when the players who were in the wings are in the forefront.  If you are a fringe player, what have you been doing to better prepare yourself when your number is called?  Have you been taking mental reps during practice?  Do you visualize yourself getting your number called and making the critical play when your team needs you?  Are you someone who is holding yourself accountable even when you aren’t the starter or are you sulking and making excuses as to why you aren’t’ playing?  These are a few questions you should be asking yourself.  If you are answering no to these questions,  it is time to step up your mental and physical preparation so that you are ready when the coach calls for the “next man up.”  Just like life, things can change in an instance.  When opportunity knocks will you be ready to answer.

Best in Performance,

Coach Brader

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