Expect to Win

EXPECTThis weekend I was coaching my son’s flag football team and one of the young athletes said to me we were going to lose the game.  Considering the kids are 8 and 9 year olds, I was a little taken back by the negativity.  Even though this wasn’t the first time I heard this, I don’t want this type of mindset in my athletes.

To make a long story short, we lost the game 7-0. After we shook hands we huddled for the post game talk and break down.  When we gathered, the boy looked up and said, “I told you we would lose.”  I’m not someone who goes into anything with this mind set and wanted to use this as a teaching moment for everyone.

By telling yourself you are going to lose you set yourself up for failure.  We give less effort, look for things that support our negativity, and when something negative happens, we often fold up and quit.  Conversely, when you expect to win, you give more effort, use setbacks as opportunities for comebacks, and have positive body language that motivates everyone around you.

Things won’t always go your way when you are competing but you can always have a great attitude. Playing a sport is fun and should be challenging.  Next time you look at an opponent and feel like you are going to lose, reverse your thought process by saying the following:

  • I can’t wait to give my best
  • This is going to be an awesome game
  • We had a great week of practice and I can’t wait to play
  • I’m up for the challenge and ready to go

Practice using some positive self-affirmations in everything you do.  You will be shocked by the positive results.

Best in Performance,

Coach Brader

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