Attitude: How does it impact your performance

IMG_0222Since I was a young man I have always heard attitude is everything.  From the time I first put on a uniform, every one of my coaches stressed the importance of having a great attitude.  As I have watched my business and athletes grow, it is evident that the athletes who had the best attitudes have gone the farthest.

In the past several months many of the athletes who have grown up and been with my program for years have had many of their life long dreams come true.  Many of these young men I have known since they were young boys.  Matt McBride is now 30 years old and I have worked with him since his freshman year of high school. I have known Jarrod West and Devin Street since they were little boys.  The one common thread that I have seen with all of these guys is their great attitudes.  You may wonder what a great attitude looks like and I think it is the following.

  • Willingness to learn everyday and accept coaching
  • Great effort in everything they do
  • Consistent and disciplined work habits
  • Contagious and outgoing personality that rubs off on those around them
  • Humility
  • Urgency and Resilience

The one thing that sticks out in all of these guys is their ability to have an awesome attitude in the face of adversity.  Jarrod West wasn’t signed to a team after the draft and didn’t get an opportunity until late in the process.  He was released after only a few days when he went with the New York Jets and later signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers where he has made the practice squad.  Kevin White was overlooked coming out of high school and had to take a non traditional path to the draft.  Several times he could have quit but he chose to stay the course and was  picked #7 in the NFL Draft. Harold Spears was released by the Saints during mini camp then cut by the Green Bay Packers during the first round of cuts.  He was recently signed by the Steelers and is a member of their practice squad.  Devin Street was recruited by only a handful of schools and later went on to become one of the greatest receivers in Pitt’s history and then a 5th round draft pick by the Dallas Cowboys.

Because of their attitudes they all have been able to maximize their natural abilities and become professionals.  Regardless of your goals you can take the aforementioned qualities and apply them to your personal life.  Be the example of what a great attitude looks like and the person people want to emulate.  Reach your goals and maximize your performance every opportunity you get.  Learn how to become a part of our program and join our group of elite athletes by contacting us today at and get the edge.

Best in Performance,

Coach Brader

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